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Explainer Showreel

At Explainer, we want to share our latest achievements in live-action, 2D and 3D animation. Take a closer look at what has come to life in recent years.

Waves4Power - The WaveEL buoy

Waves4Power explains the science behind their wave power plants and demonstrate how their Wave-EL buoys work.

Explainer about Explainer

Us in our own words. Who we are, what we do and why we do it.

Normet - SmartScan Align

Normet is presenting its concrete layer thickness control system SmartScan Align


An information film we produced for the American National Standards Institute that tells about international standards for a new type of toilet that will save many lives.


One of several productions we produced for Sinch to lead to their report.


Together with Tepe’s Export team, we produced a stylish film that explains what they can help their distributors with. To increase the personal touch, the customer himself is involved and acts as a voice.


In this corporate film, the online fashion store communicates how easy it is to join. This is 1 of 3 corporate movies.

DHL - Skicka Grönt

DHL presents their climate conscious add-on ‘Skicka Grönt’.

DHL - Correct packaging

DHL förklarar för kunderna hur de packar sina försändelser på ett korrekt sätt.

Probi Osteo

Probi explains Probi Osteo, a probiotic bone health concept clinical document to support bone health.

Enjay - Lepido

Enjay explains their product Lepido, a heat exchanger designed for energy recovery from dirty exhaust air.


Tarkett has developed a process for recycling textile floors. In order for more people to be able to participate and contribute to a sustainable planet, we have developed an Explainer that explains the process.

Evam Transmit

A corporate film that explains the functionality of Evam Transmit.

Seco Tools

Seco Tools wanted to engage its employees through a new way of communicating. This corporate film shows change in an engaging and interesting way and is one of five productions produced by Explainer.

WWF - Blue corridors

WWF talks about the whale migration in the Arctic and what we can do to improve the situation for the whales.

Naturkompaniet ENG

This is a film to draw attention to the Nature Bonus that Naturkompaniet awards annually to nature and environmental conservation projects.


Dignisia explains how they work to rejuvenate the credit life cycle management, and strive towards zero credit transaction costs.


Eloflex describes how their foldable, electric-powered wheelchairs and scooters are helping thousands all around Europe to reclaim their freedom.


Enjay explains their heavy-duty heat exchanger created for energy reproduction.

Uniper - SkyFuel H2

Uniper showcases a prototype aviation biofuel plant

Mercell - Anbudshjälpen

Mercell talks about how their service anbudshjälpen facilitates procurement

Axjo - Greenology concept

Axjo explains what the process of reusable plastic coils looks like

Svensk Byggtjänst E-bokhyllan

Svensk Byggtjänst tells you more about their service E-bokhyllan

Lumo Advice - From log to world market

Lumo explains how multifaceted wood is as a raw material and the various areas of use that exist.


AGRA explains how an insurance case is handled and gives examples of how such a case might look.

STS Education - Cultural exchange

STS explains how a language trip could change a life forever.

Uniper - Transmission capacity

Uniper explains why Sweden’s nuclear power plants are located where they are.

Uniper - The scale of the transition

Uniper explains the problems in expanding the electricity grid for future electricity needs.

Solsten - Research services

Solsten describes their tool ‘research services’ and explains how it helps you understand your customers better.

Solsten - Navigator

Solsten describes their tool ‘navigator’ and explains how it helps you understand your customers better.

Solsten - Traits

Solsten describes their tool ‘Traits’ and explains how it helps you understand your customers better.


Solsten describes their service and what they offer their customers to understand them better.

Pacson - Sustainability work

Pacson explains how they can help their customers with their sustainability work through the right choice of products.

Nordgren & Partners

Nordgren & Partners explains how the process works in an insurance matter.

Comsys - HMI4

Comsys berättar om HMI4,deras senaste hårdvara inom ADF-teknolog.

NBV - About us

NBV talks about their activities and their three areas of ideas: democracy, education and sobriety.

I-tech - The barnacle lifecycle

I-tech explains the life cycle of barnacles and how Selektope affects them


Inrego explains how it works when they ensure the sustainable reuse of used IT equipment.


MINC describes how their platform ‘MINC tourism accelerator’ works.

Myloc - Myloc Construction

Myloc explains how ‘myloc construction’ helps facilitate the logistics of a construction project.

NBV - Start a study circle

NBV explains how you can start a study circle through their organization.

DHL - emissions report

DHL explains what their ‘Emission Report’ service means

Tango - The biggest housing deals of the year

Tango talks about their biggest deals in 2022

SPF - Pelagic fishing

SPF talks about Sweden’s pelagic fishing.

Mercell - Proactive dialogue

Mercell tells you why you should contact the procurer before the procurement has been announced.

Nic - Nic Club

Nic talks about their customer club Nic Club

Promoteq - The REVIVE System

Promoteq demonstrates and explains the many benefits of the REVIVE system.

Dlab - About us

Dlab explains how their business can improve your understanding of power grid data and how you can utilize it.

Tepe - Compact tuft

Tepe explains how the product ‘Compact tuft’ works and its advantages.


Fritidsbanken explains how the lending of leisure items works.

Mercell - One step ahead

Mercell explains why you should be one step ahead when it comes to public procurement.

DHL - Parcel connect plus

DHL talks about their service ‘Parcel connect plus’

SRV - Recycling centers

SRV talks about their recycling centers

Tepe - Interdental brush (IDB)

Tepe explains how their product ‘Interdental brush’ works and its benefits.

SYSAV - Carbon Capture and Storage

SYSAV describes how they plan to become climate positive by 2030.

Framtidens skogsnäring - 9 truths about the forest

The forest industry of the future breaks myths about the forest

Cimalgo Analytics - Inteview

André L. Havas answers the question “Who is the typical user of Cimalgo Analytics” as part of a longer interview.

Woosafe - Showcase

An advanced 3D production with a selection of Woodsafe’s projects around the world.

Axholmen Consulting

One of several productions for the consulting company Axholmen Consulting, which communicates the insights behind correct pricing. The film has a sober and serious style.

MyNewsDesk - Your all-in-one PR-platform

Mynewsdesk delves deeper in to how the different features in their service are used.

Vingåkers kommun - Swedens smartest countryside

Vingåker kommun explains the result of their development strategy “Swedens smartest countryside”.


Cordial talks about how, through consultancy, they can optimize companies’ working methods.

Groth & Co.

Groth & Co. talks about the how the new European patent laws will change.

Tolago Infra

Tolago Infra explains how they as a whole can help with customers’ basic needs in everyday life.

EHRAB - A higher purpose

EHRAB explains the reason why factors such as social dumping has affected the industry and their existence.

Elevernas riksförbund

Elevernas riksförbund  explains what membership means

Comsys - ADF

Comsys explains the differenc between AFE and EDF

EHRAB - Teamwork

EHRAB explains why teamwork is important for their business and how it relates to their services.

Ropo Capital

Ropo Capital explains how their service Ropo 24 works.

MyNewsDesk - your smart PR-platform explained

Mynewsdesk describes what their service is providing and how it works.

Boostified pay

Boostified is presenting a new form of payment method: Boostified pay.

Sydgrönt - About us

Sydgrönt explains how their business works – from the sowing of seeds to dinner serving.

Digital social ecosystem for rural development

A number of key players collaborate to improve the everyday life of the elderly through a digital social ecosystem for rural development.


EHRAB describes their organization, business proposition and values.

Pitch Technologies

Pitch Technologies explains how they make simulation systems work together.

Bräcke diakoni - Bräcke digital kontakt

Bräcke diakoni talks about their digital service “Bräcke digital contact”.

SRV -Slamtömning

SRV describes the process of the emtying of their sludge wells.


RobNor describes their expertise in paint robots and paint process equipment.


Särnmark offers personal assistance with a high level of commitment. Together, Särnmark wants to create a better life with you.


PayAtt explains how you as a store or restaurant owner can strengthen the relationship with your customers with their service. 

Weathernews inc. - WxTech

Weathernews explains how they are developing energy and weather solution through the help of Weathertech

EHRAB - Byggjobs

EHRAB explains their recruitment tool Byggjobs

I-Tech AB

I-Tech AB explains Selektope, an antifouling substance that repels barnacles from ships and recreational boats.

Children's hospital Martina

Join Dr. Martina as she describes the activities of Children’s Hospital Martina and the benefits with a membership.

Renewcell - The Renewcell style

Renewcell explains the renewcell style and their vision to change the fashion industry.


Connexus AB is a niche risk and security company with cutting-edge expertise in internal investigation. Here they explain their working model.



Mattecentrum offers free help to anyone who studies mathematics. Here, Mattecentrum tells you how to go about becoming a volunteer.

Probi Ferrosorb

Probi explains Probi Ferrosorb, a clinically proven probiotic iron-absorption concept, supporting long-term iron status.

Probi Digestis

Probi explains Probi Digestis®, one of the most well-documented probiotic bacteria in the world, clinically proven to support gastrointestinal health


I den här animationen till Träfraktkontoret, they describe how they handle logistics solutions for forest products.

GIAB - Handling of cellphones

GIAB explains how cell phones that are returned are refurbished and then given a new life at Returhuset.

Are Sensus

Are describes Are-Sensus – a smart ventilation system that makes properties more sustainable through increased energy savings and increased comfort for those who stay there.

Imaweb - Kobra II

Imaweb explains their complete business system for workshop and sales; Kobra II.

GIAB - Handling of white goods

GIAB explains how appliances that are returned are refurbished and then given a new life at Returhuset.

GIAB - Returhuset

GIAB explains how lifestyle-adapted products are returned are refurbished to then get a new life at Returhuset.


Together with Finfa, we have developed a new way of communicating pre-purchase information. In a simple and committed way, we go through what is included in the collectively agreed insurances.

Regily (Checkin.com)

Regily has developed a login solution that does more and does not feel boring.

Woodsafe - BS-EN16755 vs EN-16755

In this production for Woodsafe, we talk about how crucial the differences between BS-EN16755 and EN-16755 are in fire-protected wood.


With a realistic 3D animation, we helped Normet to communicate its products used in tunnel boring machines.


A corporate film that we together with Tepe and Port11, of a total of three animated corporate films and graphic material for interview films.

Avfall Sverige

An information film about the benefits of energy recovery and how it works in practice. Made for Avfall Sverige and 30 other energy companies.

Circular Economy

In this information film, four industry organizations together explain how Sweden works for a circular economy.

Woodsafe - The story of Woodsafe

With 30 years of experience, Woodsafe is today one of the largest players in the market when it comes to fire protection impregnation of wood products.


This corporate movie highlights the benefits of the MyNewsDesk service in a playful way. The result led to many more productions of corporate films together.

Woodsafe - Classification

In this animation for Woodsafe, we explain why classification in fire-protected wood material is so important, and how different factors affect.


Ufab’s flexible solution is presented in this corporate film in a stylish manner for the American market


In this animation, iBoxen tells how their parcel delivery works.


A beautiful animation that communicates the benefit with Formulates software.


A corporate film for HomeMade where they highlight the feeling after a deep cleaning in a playful way.


Interoc Dörr & Fönster tells how a window change takes place from start to finish.


In this animation, PacsOn talks about how they optimize solutions for packaging, consumables, logistics and warehousing.


An animated film about Chalkline’s free play games.


An Explainer that explains Adversus’ flexible digital mobile solutions.


Vattenfall Eldistribution wanted to explain what the electricity network fee goes to. The choice fell on Explainer and resulted in an appealing corporate film.


CIMalgo is a Swedish fintech company that through aggregated data manages to lower the beta on underlying assets. If it feels tricky to understand, watch the movie that explains it in a simple way.


Is your forestry sustainable? In this film, Skogssällskapet talks about the Forest Strategy service and what it means.


In this animation, Chef shows how those with the right tools to help you develop in your role as boss.


With this animation, Comsys shows how important it is to have a high-quality electricity supply at sea and what problems can arise in the event of a power failure.


In this film for VårgårdaHus, we tell you what you should think about when you start planning your house construction. Which style suits you and your needs?


In our second production together with VårgårdaHus, we sort out what costs what in a house deal and what you as a buyer should think about.


With a stylish and homely animation, we explain the process from idea to finished house. VårgårdaHus has, with the help of a simple checklist, produced the most important things you should know about house construction!


An engaging film that explains Polypetide’s business, core value and its employees.


A 3D animation that shows the advantage of Normet’s new D-bolts in an underground environment.


In our latest 3D production, we have mixed animation and filmed film. The production is a presentation of Genetor’s new co-working space.

Seco Tools

A short and fun video that gives suggestions on how to best work from home. One of 15+ videos we have created for SECO Tools.

Småföretagarnas Riksföbund

In this animation, the Swedish Small Business Association explains why it pays to become a member of them.


In this harmonious animation, we help Skogssällskapet to explain the benefits of their business. The film will inspire forest owners to simplify their ownership.


Smart sustainable services can be hard to explain. Dorights turned to Explainer for a unique, engaging and pedagogical video that gets through to the audience.


Samporten is a new flexible coordination service that simplifies the administration of train depots and construction sites. Explainer also helped to develop the Samporten brand.


An Explainer video for TyloHelo where we explain the most important features of the product ‘Steam Commercial’.


In this Explainer video, we introduce the company Granuldisk’s new bio-based and environmentally friendly granules.


A corporate film about Scanbox and their values.


We helped Nodra to produce an information film to show the residents of Norrköping municipality what an average garbage bag looks like in the region. The film shows what a “Norrköping bag” contains and what the bag with residual waste should actually look like.


Fastagon is a fresh start among the real estate companies. Through an Explainer, it explains its way of working and what benefit it brings to potential investors.

Myndigheten för delaktighet

Explainer won the tender to produce accessible and norm-critical information film on universal design. This version is sign language interpreted.


APROS® is a nuclear simulation and analysis software which assures nuclear power projects achieving the highest plant safety and operational performance levels.

One of 11 productions we’ve done for Fortum.

Evam Transmit

A corporate film that explains the purpose of Evam Transmit.

Medicon Valley Alliance

English information film that tells the story of Medicon Valley, an area of life sciences that stretches from Copenhagen into Skåne.


Corporate film for Transvector.


Corporate film about Probi.

HSB Malmö

Corporate film for HSB Malmö about Hyllie.

Västsvenska Handelskammaren

Information film about the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce’s activities and history.


3D information film that explains MKB’s plans to develop and renew the Malmö district Rosengård.

Landskrona stad

The future looks bright if the European track is lost. Explainer was given the task of explaining the benefits of an Information Film in an engaging way.


Information film that explains the study association NBV’s origins and long history as Sweden’s oldest study association.


Information film that communicates what the Family Support Group is and offers, such as support housing, family treatment and youth coaches and more.

Halmstad Energi och Miljö

Information film that tells about what Växtverket, a universe in mini format, can teach children and young people about sustainability and the environment in a playful way.

HSB Skåne

Corporate film that informs about how HSB can help tenant-owner associations with financial management.

FS Data

Animated corporate film that conveys information about FS Data and their IT operations.

Västsvenska Handelskammaren

Information film about the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce’s activities and history.

HSB Skåne

Corporate film that informs about the many services HSB offers property owners and entrepreneurs.

Parasport Sverige

Information film that explains the many benefits of getting more people with disabilities active in sports movements.


Ordkanalen has released its first book and wanted to communicate an event from the book in an information film.

Sundsvall Energi

Information film that tells about Sundsvall Energi and their business.


Information film that explains what NBV offers its members with a special focus on study circles.


Corporate film that explains that security is A&O when exchanging information. With Konfident you are safe.


Easypark wanted to reach out to potential buyers at city planning offices by explaining their new service in a simple way. This corporate film shows just that.


Part of a longer animated film, we produced a corporate film in advanced 3D that illustrates the hydropower of the future.


By using parts of our corporate film, Fortum was able to explain the meaning of the film in a good way. This shows how well animated and filmed material can interact.


An information film, out of a total of 6 information films, made for VASYD.


An information film, out of a total of 6 information films, made for VASYD.


An information film, out of a total of 6 information films, made for VASYD.


Together with Vasyd, we produced this information film that explains how Eslöv has developed as a city. But even though Eslöv is modern today, the same challenges remain as 200 years ago.


This information film is about alcohol as an obstacle to development. The IOGT-NTO movement wanted to illustrate the problem with an emotional Explainer and turned to us.


Explainer’s sixth corporate film for Avtech Sweden where we explain their unique weather service.


Hiab wants to help its resellers further and to communicate that we helped them produce a very nice corporate film. This is one of several corporate films that Explainer has made.


A slightly longer corporate video, explaining the building process step by step. A perfect way to communicate important information in a clear and intriguing way.

Småföretagarnas riksförbund

In this animation, Småföretagarnas Riksförbund explains why it is beneficial to become a member.

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