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Animated commercials as explanatory tools have grown tremendously in recent years in Sweden.

To get through the noise and reach out with your message, we need to engage the recipient.

Through an animated commercial, the viewer can connect with the sender in a very short time.

But in order for an animated commercial to reach its full potential, there are some clever tips to consider.


Together with Finfa, we have developed a new way of communicating pre-purchase information. In a simple and committed way, we go through what is included in the collectively agreed insurances.


One of several productions we produced for Sinch to lead to their report.

Woodsafe - BS-EN16755 vs EN-16755

In this production for Woodsafe, we talk about how crucial the differences between BS-EN16755 and EN-16755 are in fire-protected wood.

We get to the core of what you want to communicate and package it in a comprehensible and appealing way. Before the animation, illustration and script writing processes we always make sure we have a holistic understanding of what it is you want to communicate. This is an extensive process, but we never settle for anything less.

In addition to animation, illustration and script, we therefore spend a lot of time and resources on understanding exactly what you want to convey.

It is a huge work. But we never settle for anything else.

Selected Productions

Animated commercial – Your first meeting with the viewer

An animated commercial is often the first meeting with the viewer and the quality of the production says a lot about your business. At Explainer, we work hard to make this a simple, engaging and positive experience. It is good to prioritize the budget for your animated commercials and choose a production company that creates concepts and working material from the ground up. But most important of all is perhaps getting to know yourself as a customer, understanding your industry and target group. In order to simplify what you want to communicate, production companies must have the time and resources to put in your business to understand it in depth. We as a production company are passionate about what we do and more than happy to talk animated commercials with you. Contact our project managers, we always offer a free consultation. Check out some examples below or read about one of our cases.

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